About Me

As of winter 2019 I am working as a Sr. Technical Program Manager for Applied Machine Learning group at Amazon Japan. Before that I was a Researcher at Rakuten Institute of Technology in Tokyo Japan. My research interests spans the field of Deep Learning and High Performance Computing. My current research is to use deep learning models such as Recurrent Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks in several services offered by Rakuten. Previously from autumn 2014 to winter 2017 I was a Researcher at NEC Central Research Laboratories, where I researched to optimise and bridge the gap between Super Computers and Convolutional Neural Networks. In autumn 2015, I was a visiting industrial fellow for a month on an IoT project optimising for turn around time of an Elevator. This was a collaborative project in Swarm Lab of University of California, Berkeley (UCB). In September 2010, I worked for Accenture, as an Associate Software Engineer, for around a year.

I have experience of working on a wide range of application abstractions, ranging from creating sophisticated machine learning models, to the level where I get my hands dirty by debugging assembly level code for acceleration, and many others like parallel computation, software defined networking and IoT in between. Currently, I am working on different facets of Machine Learning, including but not limited to Regression, Classification, Deep Learning and Recommender systems. For details please visit my research and academics page.

Previously I was a Computer Science Masters student at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi), where I worked with Prof. Anshul Kumar for designing and implementing the backend of compiler for CGRA architecture. My research in Masters focused on high performance computing, operating systems and compilers. I received Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Truba College of Engineering and Technology (TCET) under the guidance of Prof. Ritu Tandon.

Find my old non-updated latex resume here. Latest resume coming soon.